What you get is what you see.

Once upon a time, the sole function of glasses was to improve eye-sight. The eyewear industry consisted of a few big players who kept prices high and pocketed too much profit.

Found set out to change that. Change the manufacturing process. Change the status quo. Change the industry. We turned glasses into consumer goods, democratic and fair.

We like to keep things easy. Why should you pay for more than you get – for license fees and retailers? We cut out the middlemen to help you save your hard earned money.

Instead, we provide you with high quality frames and lenses. Inspired by found classics, re-born as aesthetic contemporaries. All for an incredibly affordable price.

Today, glasses are fashion accessories. Our customers own more than one pair – and they should. Fashion has always been a way to express yourself. Found is no exception.

The Found Stores

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Found was established in 2015 by the two co-founders Patrick Peritz and Sandra Künzler. Both have a long-term background in the fashion and sports industry.

 And both wear glasses. But they noticed that well crafted and fashionable glasses cost a fortune. After some research they realised the eyewear industry keeps prices artificially high. So they started manufacturing their own glasses. Not only stylish ones, but incredibly affordable ones.







In Your Face for € 99.-

One price – no extra costs for glasses – only takes 20 minutes.

We use only high quality prescription lenses for our glasses and do not require any additional costs at higher diopter, although we use expensive, thinner glasses.