What is included in the price of a pair of glasses?

Our prices are all-in, they include frames and lenses at no extra cost. Single vision lenses start at € 99, progressive lenses at €259.

Do you compromise on quality?

No. We don’t, seriously.
We guarantee Swiss quality standard for every frame and lens you order. We work with the best suppliers of acetate in Italy as well as for the hinges, which are also produced in Italy. Our lenses are impact resistant, anti-reflective, scratch resistant and UV 400 protected. They are produced by certified manufacturers.

Where are your glasses made?

Every Found frame is designed in our HQ in Switzerland and handcrafted in a nominated factory in Italy, Japan or China. We only work with the best manufacturers, all over the world.

Where do I get a prescription for my lenses?

Easy as pie. If you have already had a prescription in the past and your eyesight has not changed, simply use this one. If you don’t know your prescription or have lost it, call your optician for further assistance. Any optician or ophthalmologist can provide you with a new prescription. Please make sure it includes:
– the diopter of each eye
– the sphere and/or the cylinder value
– the axis value
– the pupillary distance of each eye

I have astigmatism. Can I buy glasses from Found eyewear?

Yes, we also offer glasses for astigmatism.

Can I use the same prescription as for my contact lenses?

Unfortunately not. Contact lenses are put directly on your eyes, whereas the lenses of your glasses are positioned in front of your eyes. The strength of the prescription is not the same in both cases.

Does Found offer progressive lenses?

Yes, we do. Make sure you get the additional necessary measurement (Add) from your optician or ophthalmologist.